Long Time No See!

Hello guys!

Well, it’s been a long time, but I just wanted to pop in and say that I’m still here… Just a lot busier.

Since 2011, I’ve been the owner and admin of a forum-based click-to-raise pet site. Launching this site has been a longtime dream of mine, and I’m happy to say that alpha testing has just begun. However, this new responsibility has left my schedule packed to the brim (I’m already a busy student). I won’t be as active as I was before.

Nonetheless, I want to let everyone know that I still love Animal Jam and it’s community. AJ is the game that inspired me to create my first website (this plushie blog) and incited my interest in web development. You guys have done more for me than you might realize and I just want you all to know that.

Remember, for now, you can always find me here and at solisles.com

Contact me anytime!

Best wishes to all of you and your great pursuits in life!



Sorry – Back On Track

Hello everyone, I again apologize for my absence on AJ – school has kept me extremely busy and I’ve been working on another project as well. I understand that a lot of the information on the blog is outdated and it’ll take me a while to spruce everything up. Thank you for your patience! I’m working on it!

New Club Activity: Rare Fox, Deer, And Giraffe Collections

The previous Plushie Club activity has ended and a new one has begun: this time, it’s a rare fox, deer, and giraffe competition. Anyone who can complete at least one of these collections before the end of the month can select a prize from DreamBeauty’s den! Application forms and information are on the plushie club page! Please post all entries here!

Note: ALL participants from the previous activity can pick a prize from DreamBeauty!

Edit: This activity is over

Sending Me Jam-A-Grams…

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been too clear on this, but if you want to get a response from me, please don’t send me Jam-A-Grams – instead, comment on the blog. As a non-member, there are like only 3 words available for selection on the Jam-A-Gram creator that I can actually use so yeah…

Also, if you ordered/requested a plushie from me and I APPROVED, you have to post whether you’re a member or not – non-members will probably have to try to set up a time to meet me on AJ.

Thanks! :3

Comments Finally Approved

Hey guys, I’m really sorry about this, but I just noticed that I had some 50 unapproved comments on the blog. I’ve finally approved most of them, but please don’t feel offended if I deleted yours – I’m doing some summer cleaning. :3

New Plushie Club Activity

Okay, since we’ve had quite a few plushie contests and not a lot of other activities, I’ve decided to start a new plushie research. You can view the details on the club page.

Note: the winners of the previous contest will still be displayed and can come and get their prizes!

Also, please post all research entries here! The PCP page is a bit full, so I’d like to keep all the records here.

New Epic Plushies

Hmm, I just happened to stumble upon a few of these on someone’s trade list and like the orange gecko, I have no idea where to get them! Well just to let you know, they are out there but cannot be found in epic wonders. Think you can help me find them?