List Of Rare Plushies

Here is a list of all Animal Jam’s current rare, special, and epic plushies.

List Of Rare Plushies      

Bunnies: bunny w bow tie, bunny w spectacles, big eyed bunny


Crocodiles: crocodile w wings, crocodile w sword, rainbow crocodile


Horses: horse w strawberry, horse w top hat, knight horse


Pandas: panda w tiara, panda w eye patch, panda w sunglasses


Wolves: wolf w chicken mask, wolf w antenna, lightning wolf


Penguins: penguin w hair bow, penguin w spectacles, penguin w top hat


Elephants: elephant w sunglasses, elephant w top hat, long tusked elephant


Seals: seal w tiara, seal w top hat, seal w baseball cap


Rhinos: rhino w rhino spectacles, rhino w hair bow, spiky rhino


Monkeys: monkey w long hair, monkey w spectacles, red eyed monkey


Koalas: koala w flower hair clip, koala w Mohawk, colorful koala


Tigers: tiger w sunglasses/bling, tiger w tutu, tiger w long claws


Giraffes: giraffe w sock, giraffe w mushroom hat, giraffe w wings/croc head

Foxes: fox w propeller hat, fox w afro, fox w shoe

Raccoons: raccoon w pie, raccoon w rocket, raccoon w super hero cape

Deer: deer w a hat on a mat, deer w a present on it, deer w ?

Cheetahs: cheetah w/ a star backpack/cape,

Arctic wolves: wolf w/ seaweed on head, wolf w/ tail armor

Kangaroos: kangaroo w/ tuxedo

Eagles: eagle w/ mohawk, eagle w/ cartlories

Snow Leopards: leopard w/ unicorn horn

Special Plushies

Pets: all the pets

Lions: lion w eye patch, lion w spectacles/bow tie, lion king


Geckos: green gecko(attained by using an expired code), orange gecko(rare BETA item)


Cami’s Frog(rare BETA item)

Cami’s Frog

Giant Black Wolf( bought at Epic Wonders)

Black Giant Wolf Plushie

Pufferfish(Crystal Reef journey prize)


Red Panda(Mt.Shiveer journey prize)

red panda

Touch Pool Prizes: sea urchin, hermit crab, starfish, sea slug, horseshoe crab, ray(can be earned by playing the Touch Pool game)

Touch Pool prizes

phantoms (there’s lots)


pet/giant pet (colorable) plushies:

plushies of all the pets

freedom plushies of all the pets

ocean plushies (colorable):

dolphin, octopus, shark, sea turtle

epic plushies (from code from AJ Outfitters (I think))


231 thoughts on “List Of Rare Plushies


  2. I now have all the rare wolves! I got the wolf with the chicken hat! Also, im going to be trading the white phantom plushie, the one you already have. Also the email in the bars below is my dad’s, so don’t send any, JSYK! (Just so you know)

      • I happen to have all of the rare foxes i was very close to completing my collection when they added the new cheetahs, leopards, arctic wolves, deer, eagles and kangaroo plushies to the game but go and check out my collection at my den if you like, my user is ilee2001 😉 lmk what you think!

    • my friend got her rare penguin scammes [the one with the bow] if u cn please send her one shes really sad it took her awhile to gte one her usee name is [mastersword22158]

  3. I am sorry, but I do NOT tollerate ANY such comments containing bad words or harrassment. Yes, I do except critisisim, but only those which contain the error I made, and no bad words. This serves as a warning for ALL who have similar comments. And YES, I know I have missing plushies, but they are newly released, and I have not seen them.

  4. I HAVE 2 OF THE RARE PENGUIN PLUSHIES BUT I CANT GET THE OTHER ONE!!!!!!!! I have the one with glasses and the one with the bow. the one in the top hat it REALLY HARD to get. if i get it my penguin collection will be complete!!!!! 🙂

      • Hey guys this is mastersword22158 and my friends told u guys about wht happened and my penguin with the bow did gte scammed. it took me forever tto get it and i been down for awhile and if u cn please send me one it would make my day because soon im going to have a hug plushie party. so please send me one

  5. do u have to of each rare plushies because mastersword22158 was wondering because she needs some for her plushie party. if u do could u send her some and add me mistystwilight

  6. plz report she scammed mastersword22148 beta frog and plz cn some one send mastersword22158 the betta frog because my dear sister i lost due to cancer gave mastersword22158 tht frog and coollover sca,mmeed it plz send mastersword22158 itnplz

      • srry mastersword22158 been planning this plushie party fro her friends bday and one of her friends been scammimg her so she never could gte the party done. we needed ur help fro wht we should do

  7. that really helps me thanks you also rock but can you please let me know when you have the fox plushies and girrafe plushies found thanks any way bye you are awsome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. so phantoms are rare right well there are rare phantoms like i have a phantom with a tiara on the head want to see i am ellamallow go to my den user: ellamallow

  9. please add me i have most plushies mu user is huzaifa426 my buddy list might be full but send me a jam a gram so i no its you … thanks

    my rare plushies (i kinda collect them :D):
    monkey with red eyes
    monkey with hair
    (2) bunnies with spectacles
    rhino with hair bow
    elephant with sunglasses
    elephant with tusks
    lion with eyepatch
    😀 i got the red panda and a few of the touch pool prizes and foxes in generall 😀 if you can trade me any rare plushies please jamagram me, my user is epicninya 😀

  11. i find it really easy to get rare plushies XD i mean i got the elephant with sunglasses and the wolf with lightning for just average plushies today 😀 someone had a store with them on and obviously didnt know they were rare 😀 it always pays off yo go to stores when looking for rare plushies 😀 thats my advice XD

  12. by the way if anyone has a cami from i would happily trade you 4 rare plushie of your choice for it 😀 you can see my den and choose 4 its 80% of time unlocked and my user is EpicNinya 😀 thanks xx

  13. if anyone has the giraffe with wings could they PLEASE jam-a-gram me? im zooblegirl877 and i have amost all the giraffes and i reallllly want that one, so please jam-a-gram me anyone with giraffe with wings, thank you,

    • Wait!, forget that comment, today i got the giraffe with wings!!!!! I’m SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO, HAPPY!!!!!! and i only need 1 more fox plushie, the blue one
      😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 =D!!!!!!!!!

  14. hi its febgirl here the rare fox plushies are
    pink fox with a brown afro, a blue fox with a sneaker on its feet and a creamish one with a propeller hat your welcome for these by the way if anyone has a the blue fox i would be so happy i am willing to trade anything on my trade list from the 16th of april to the 26th of april

    • They’re just as rare as any other plushie. However, AJ refers to them as rare so… well, that’s just how things work.
      You have an equal chance of obtaining each plushie – what makes rares valuable is that they’re “fancy:.

      • Oh right, although you have an equal chance of getting each plushie, there are fewer “rares” out of the total than there are the “common” plushies.

  15. There is now snowleopard,cheetah,artic wolf,and eagle plushies. So could you update the list for those guys?

  16. I think there is a cheetah with top hat? Probably just Deja Vu,Because I have top hat seal and horse also cheetah with cape, Btw I’m Greenknight9 if u see me go checkout my trade.

  17. I have a lot of these, I have had each one at least once, and the Knight Horse i have in a plushie shop currently… my user is princetinymoon 🙂

  18. an8860
    u have written most of da plushies in jamaaaa but there’s more
    like da cowboy kangaroo da rocket deer , da military snow leopard , da icecream snow leopard the colourful kangarooo , the purpule cheetah with aeroplane wings , arctic wolf with tail armour,eagles:
    with mohawk . eagle with forks , eagle viking… But btw i think u did a 😀 good jop findiiiiing those rare , special , beta plushies , thx 2 u i now know which 1 i need da find:D

  19. u have written most of da plushies in jamaaaa but there’s more
    like da cowboy kangaroo da rocket deer , da military snow leopard , da icecream snow leopard the colourful kangarooo , the purpule cheetah with aeroplane wings , arctic wolf with tail armour,eagles:
    with mohawk . eagle with forks , eagle viking… But btw i think u did a 😀 good jop findiiiiing those rare , special , beta plushies , thx 2 u i now know which 1 i need da find:D

  20. Animal Jam is amazing and the plushies are aborbs if I were you I should jone it and I only have been on it almost a ho le year and look for me Owl38 out😍💙💜💖👎✌💞

  21. the other rare deer plush is a deer with goggles and a jetpack! I have one in my den, so if you want to see it, my username in Cookiepuff

  22. Thanks this helped so much! I have now all the rare pandas, one of the rare leopards, one rare kangaroo, one rare penguin, three phantoms (two with hats), one rare monkey, all the underwater plushies from the touch pool, two rare seals,a red panda, a puffer-fish, one rare horse, a giant raccoon, a giant dolphin, a giant cheetah, a giant arctic wolf, a giant kangaroo, and one rare arctic wolf.

  23. just saying and im just wondering….
    are the lynx plushies out? me and my friend have been looking for them since 2015!
    and there is also a kangaroo with rainbow tights on…
    go to my den too see if you need more info on plushies kittenpalace is my username

  24. Oh cool! That’s all wonderful information. I currently have a giant panda plushie, and the red panda plushie. If anyone knows what they are worth please reply. If you reply just send a jam a gram to my main account, its pupcake3838
    Thanks for taking the time to read it.

  25. Superuly here and I just love animal jam I think some people on this comments list are my buddies and I read all of the comments also love the info I hope you do more

  26. You are missing the elf tail armor and glove Arctic Wolves. There is also a hiker leopard and rainbow kangaroo.

  27. Thank you for posting this i love to collect plushies and this helped with what i still needed for the “Special/Rare” plushies

  28. ok i have 1 question WHAT ABOUT OWLS? i know there are ones with the snow on the ground and ones with steampunk goggles whats the last one

  29. There are two rare otter plushies that I have found, a DJ otter and a vampire otter. There is also a cheetah with a top hat. There is also an arctic wolf with elf tail armor and a silver glove. You are missing quite a few in this list… not to be rude.

  30. This didn’t help me with rarity of any of these plushies or any of the plushies i was looking…
    Can you make a post tell the rarity? ( trade attempts for different plushies )

    But other than that it was great ( i know it probably me, but it didn’t help a lot )
    Thanks for reading this comment 🙂

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